Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kati and Matt's Wedding Week

See the slideshow below!!! My best friend since 3rd grade, Kati, married my friend Matt (I've known him since I was a little tot) in McPherson at their church. They had their reception at the Kansas Cosmosphere. IT ROCKED! It was a brisk Kansas day (COLD) but we still managed to have some professional photos taken outside. I thought I my toes were going to fall off, but they survived! Mostly because I wore fuzzy airplane socks while assisting Kati during her bridal portraits. Most of the photos that you see in the slideshow below were taken by one of the other bridesmaids, Melanie! The slideshow of the wedding photos can be seen at Dustin and Larry did an incredible job! Kati's parents were wonderful, and her mom spoiled us bridesmaids!

Eric drove the bridal party around, so that was fun! There is a photo of him taking his eyes of the road (gasp) to pose for a pic with me. There are also a couple of him with his yummy Arlene birthday cake. I had her make a bday cake for one of the hockey boys, and we carried it on the plane to bring home! It was the hot topic of the Wichita, Denver, and Phoenix airports. I have attempted this once before, only because Kati's mom brought me one on one of her visits. We are still enjoying it! YUMMY. We had it for Eric, at the wedding, and now in Phoenix. Can you imagine how WONDERFUL it is?!

We started our Kansas excursion in Parsons by visiting Keith and Ragan. I am dumb and didn't take any pictures of their adorable house or children. We had a BLAST with them and miss them so much!

Enjoy the slideshow below!

Vegas Baby!

My childhood bestest friend, Kati, was married this past Saturday, but before her big day, we headed to Las Vegas at the end of August! We chilled by the pool, went dancin', and had manicures. Kati's mom even shipped us amazing bags filled with good stuff. It was a fun weekend!