Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Um... it's been a while

So apparently we were really busy in the Fall and Winter! Thanks Emily for taking our wonderful Christmas photos.

Reader's Digest Version:

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house, my sister-in-law/best friend had a baby boy, we went to Disneyland with Steph, Jon, and Chase, Christmas was super special, in January we visited our amazing and wonderful Point Loma friends in California who just had a baby girl (and we went to Disney again), I visited my Sister, Jason, and Ace in Vegas, and then we did some house projects! Somehow we found some time to work in there. Eric gave me a Nook Color for Christmas, so I've read 12 books since December 25th. Whoops! We both read the Hunger Games Trilogy and we are looking forward to seeing the movie in March.

Oh and in the meantime, I became addicted to Pinterest and obsessed with a television show, Downton Abbey. I have found some great decorating ideas on Pinterest and could probably re-pin things all day if I didn't have clients e-mailing me. Sorry to those of you I introduced to both Pinterest and Downton Abbey.

Upcoming Events:
- Eric's sister Christina is set to have Baby Ryan on the 9th (tomorrow), so we are excited to meet him
- Going to see Wicked
- Brophy Hockey finals
- 80's prom 30th Bday party for our friend, Jen
- Ace 1st Birthday party in Vegas
- A visit from Britt, Bobby, and Bryn
- NYC and Pennsylvania in May

Hopefully we can get back to Disneyland and Kansas too! Please feel free to come visit us. We love having visitors.