Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hannah's Visit

My cousin Hannah... actually she's my cousin Stacey's daughter... so she's my first cousin once removed or something of the sort... ANYWAYS, my cousin Hannah came from Kansas to visit us in Phoenix. She stayed with my parents. It was a little warmish when she was here, but it stormed, so she was able to experience a monsoon. Not quite like a Tornado, but it cooled it off for a little bit. We had SOOOO much fun with her. She learned to put Eric in his place when he was being a weirdo. It was hilarious. You can tell she has brothers.
Hannah is turning into a beautiful young lady, and I was thinking about how I was in computer lab in middle school when I found out she had been born. It was seriously one of the most exciting days of my life. I waited in anticipation for her arrival into the world, and she did not disappoint. She is an incredible and fun girl. Hannah and her family are extra special to me. I miss them so much it hurts!
We did so many fun things when she was here. We ate at TGI Friday's at the Diamondbacks game... best seats ever! She stayed at a resort with my parents and we took all of the dogs. She and my mom shopped 'til they dropped. We had pedicures and manicures, Melissa cut Hannah's hair, and Emily did a photo shoot with her. AMAZING pictures. She is extremely photogenic. I had to hold back tears when I had to tell her goodbye, but I knew that she had the coolest family ever waiting for her back in Kansas :) Here are a few pictures from her visit. I will post a video that we took at the baseball game on my phone once I figure out how to do it.
Our pretty toes

At the D-Backs game! Thanks for the sweet seats, Mom!

Eric and Hannah playing games at the restaurant

Hannah had about 20 people a day commenting on her amazing eyes (watch out for boys, Stacey and Mark).

Monday, August 11, 2008

From three jobs to two...

I officially gave notice that I am resigning from my position at Moors & Cabot. I am really going to miss having Starbucks downstairs and my daily conversations with Andee. She taught me a lot about the business; but alas, I must strike out on my own and dedicate my time to Flossy Stylish Design, my invitation business AND to In Awe Weddings and Events with my mama. I am so excited for my new endeavor, so keep me in mind for Christmas cards, wedding invites, marketing materials, baby announcements, shower invitations, birthday parties... you get it.

My business website is under construction, but I will post more about that soon (hopefully). My last day at Moors & Cabot is supposed to be August 28th... then I'm off to San Fran for a girls weekend with my Point Loma ladies for Labor Day. Then I am coming home to work really hard at doing something that I love. I am extremely thankful to have a husband and a family who believe in me and support my endeavors.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I wouldn't say a "Blog Hog"

She isn't a blog hog. Much to her dismay I have three other blogs that I post to...


All of which have various slants. Well the 1st and 3rd are definitely business related but the second is a little social experiment I am trying.

To daily stuff...Kelsey makes a mean chicken stuffed ricotta. Okay Trader Joe's made it but Kelsey can heat food up with the best of them. I do enjoy when she makes dinner, probably the highlight of most weeknights because I love food and especially anything she makes.

My goal is to improve this little blog so I think my next purchase will be a Flip Cam . I hope to start posting fun home videos here and then professional tips of the day. Should be least that is the idea.

Thought for the day: Remember when you were a kid and 8:30 was such an early time to go to bed...Oh how I long for an 8:30 bed time. I don't think it will happen in the near future.