Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I had to post this! Pudge and Ellie like sitting in a chair and looking out the bedroom window. Pudge will sit there forever! I had to find him a pillow so that he could lay down to look!

My sister came to Phoenix, and the only picture I have was taken from my phone! It's very sad. We had a blast though... we stayed at Montelucia and were pampered in their spa... we sat by the pool, we swam, we watched movies, went to the D-Backs game... all sorts of fun stuff! It was very sad to tell her goodbye, but I am looking forward to seeing her in KS in October for Kati and Matt's wedding!

Summer, Theresa, Monica, Aunt Dawn, and I just gave Eric's sis, Christina, her baby shower for Liliana Grace, so I will post pictures of that, along with ones from the other baby showers. Good stuff!

Make sure to check out the many blogs we have! I just posted a teaser of the new Flossy Tumbleweed stationery line at!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summertime Excitement

July was an exciting month! My mom and I flew to McPherson to finalize Kati and Matt's wedding plans! It was crazy with one meeting after another! I was able to see Kati and Matt's new home. I love it. It's beautiful and has giant trees and a big yard. Matt had to take Kati's car apart because there was a smelly dead bird stuck in it (see photo below). Kati has to drive on country roads for her job and unfortunately birds are attracted to her car for some reason. It was so nice to see them, but so hard to leave! Good thing I'll see her soon for her bachelorette party in VEGAS! Wohoo!

We also helped my cousin, Hannah, re-decorate her room. My mom planned it out and picked out everything, and it turned out SO CUTE (of course). We were able to celebrate Gracie's birthday and eat yummy Arlene Anderson cake! We took Zach and Gracie to the Salina mall and played glow in the dark mini golf and arcade games!

THEN, Hannah and her brother Tanner flew out to AZ with us! Tanner was hilarious from the beginning. He wanted to ask the security guards in Wichita if they would allow him to bring his "guns" on board while flexing his biceps. Hannah, my mom, and I had fun getting pedicures and going shopping. Tanner had is senior pictures taken by Emily Estfan. We also watched a Diamondbacks game from the TGI Fridays in the park! So fun! Tanner even survived a hike up Camelback Mountain with Eric. Not only did he survive, he beat the other guys up the mountain! We went swimming in our neighborhood pool too! I was extremely sad when they had to go home.

I am going to post pictures from the Summer Baby Showers too, so watch for that! Cort is coming on Saturday! YAY!! Oh, and let's not forget Eric! He went to Canada and Chicago for hockey stuff. He is staying busy of course. Make sure you refer him to anyone who is purchasing a new home. He is the best loan man in the whole world! Pray for his Gma Joyce and her health!