Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A little reminder from the Sound of Music

I don't want to copy Oprah with the whole "Favorite Things" thing, but sometimes when the dog bites or the bee stings, or if I'm annoyed with work or sick of thinking about wedding invitations, it really does help to remember my favorite things... these are items that make my life easier, shows that make me smile, etc.

Favorite Show
Glee--- It's amazing... I've always wished that life was a musical, and this show features amazing vocals and funny acting. Eric took me to the live show for my Birthday present... and it rocked!

Favorite Items #2 and #3

Floor and All-Purpose Cleaner from Gold Canyon-- they are safe and natural, and they smell delicious and work great!

Favorite Exercise

The P90X Plyo workout... I feel SO GOOD after I'm finished.

Favorite HGTV Show

Sarah's House-- she's amazing... she dresses well and has the most incredible job ever!

Favorite Shoes

B.O.C. by Born-- They are extremely comfortable and cute! I can wear them all day.

Favorite Makeup

Kirkland (from Costco) has paraben-free liquid foundation, concealer, and powder for around $15. Love it!

Favorite Skin Care Product

Usana Facewash, Body Wash, Lotion and Night Moisturizer... love it... been using it for years!

Favorite Pimple Corrector

Malaleuca Zit-Zap works really well and doesn't over-dry skin. Favorite Glass Cleaner
After trying everything from wipes to vinegar... I LOVE the kind from CostCo the best! It's called Sprayway glass cleaner.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010