Friday, March 27, 2009

Flossy Giveaway

I'm doing a custom notecard giveaway. Visit for details.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Though I walk through the wilderness, Blessed be your name

It has been a tough week... a busy week... a week of wrestling with the core of who I am and what I believe. I am thankful to have a strong husband who lets me cry and mourns with me over a friend's loss of a child... a friend/business acquaintance he's never met.

I realized that faith isn't as tangible in the good, sunny, beautiful times of life. It's easy to have faith in the good times. I realize that faith and the stuff of the heart shines through in the crappy, sad, dark times. You realize how strong a person's faith is in those crappy times.

I encourage everyone to read the blog of CJ Bergmen. I've never met CJ, but I work with his wife who is a wedding photographer. She took a lot of the photos for my business website. I have always known her to be strong, honest, and full of joy. I considered her a friend after only a few times of working with her. Please read their blog. You have to scroll down to the bottom to hear their entire story. I encourage you to read all of the posts from the past week. This couple is the real deal... the definition of faithful followers of Christ. They experienced the loss of their baby Titus... and used it as a opportunity to encourage others and to share their faith.

I run into people all over who know CJ and Renee in some way. After the memorial service, Eric spoke of how that little baby boy has already had more of an impact and witness for Christ than most of us have had our entire lifetime. I want to have even an ounce of Renee's strength and faith. Please read their story. It's not easy to take in, but it is important. It makes me ask myself how I would respond, how my marriage would respond, and if I'm standing on a rock or in sinking sand. Take time to admire their strength and faithfulness.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Couches for Sale

Call us if you are interested in our couches. We are redesigning my office and moving the couch downstairs, which means we no longer need our chocolate brown couch and love seat. I am kind of sad to let them go, but we must make a change.

We saw them in a home my Aunt Nancy (Feelz Like Home) redesigned, and we went out and bought some for ourselves. They are two years old (in June). Let me know if you are interested!
All of my beautiful friends and family members who currently have a bun in the oven should check out my Flossy Blog. We had a super cute baby shower last weekend at The Boulders in Scottsdale. Also, Jenna's (Eric's cousin) wedding photos are posted on my Flossy website, so feel free to visit the site. The pictures are AMAZING.