Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Slideshow

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Christmas 2009!

We had a really great Christmas 2009, and we hope that yours was wonderful as well.

We made gifts for each other with the Walker/Young side of the family, and I think it will be a tradition that sticks. It was fun to have the addition of Baby Lily to the Murrietta festivities as well. Both sets of parents went overboard again this year, but we really appreciate everything that they do for us!

Monday, November 30, 2009

My one Thanksgiving photo

Our digital camera broke, so I took this with my phone. I think Eric's mom has a better one, so hopefully I can post that one later.

Eric is holding his new niece, Lily... and Pudge LOVES babies, so he is making sure that Eric is doing everything correctly.

We bought a digital camera on Black Friday. It's an Olympus and I'm not sure what I think about it yet! I will test it out in Hawaii this week and see what I think!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Gift Ideas!

I love Thanksgiving! It's my mom's favorite holiday, and I am starting to agree. On Thanksgiving, you have the anticipation of Christmas to come, great food, time with family, and hopefully time to reflect and give thanks! Eric and I have our own tradition of waking up super early on Black Friday and going shopping together. Last year, we stood in line to buy my parents a Wii!

I am doing Christmas gift ideas on my website blog... www.flossystylishdesign.net.

Hopefully you can find at least one helpful idea! I post them to get myself in the giving spirit. The wisemen brought Baby Jesus some pretty cool gifts, so hopefully we can give in the same spirit of love and adoration... not only to our loved ones, but to the many people who are struggling this year.

I'm hoping that a lot of the gift ideas can come from local vendors and businesses, so if you have any ideas, just leave them in the comments section!

I hope that everyone can enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming holidays. It's a little easier now that it's cooling down in Arizona!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween 2009 and Gpa Clark's Bday

We had a fun weekend! My mom had a beautiful party for my grandpa in their backyard, and it looked amazing! We had a great time eating my mom's delicious food, making s'mores, and chatting by their fire pit. The dogs had fun too!

Eric and I were Bella and Edward from Twilight for Halloween. I had Melissa dye my hair brown on a whim, and it worked well for my costume. We made Eric's face white and vampire like :) We had fun with friends at our casa, carving pumpkins and eating yummy food. We had a ton of trick or treaters this year. The doorbell wouldn't stop ringing! Jen took some of the photos from the slideshow. Thanks Jen!

Eric's sister, Christina, had her baby on November 3rd. Liliana Grace was 9lbs 7oz, 21 inches long. She is perfect! I will be posting a slideshow of photos very soon! I am a proud Aunt!

It's November 5th and in the 90's here in Phoenix. I had to wear dress clothes to a meeting, and I immediately came home to put on my SHORTS. I love it, but I'm ready to wear sweaters with my flip flops. And maybe a scarf if it drops below 55.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kati and Matt's Wedding Week

See the slideshow below!!! My best friend since 3rd grade, Kati, married my friend Matt (I've known him since I was a little tot) in McPherson at their church. They had their reception at the Kansas Cosmosphere. IT ROCKED! It was a brisk Kansas day (COLD) but we still managed to have some professional photos taken outside. I thought I my toes were going to fall off, but they survived! Mostly because I wore fuzzy airplane socks while assisting Kati during her bridal portraits. Most of the photos that you see in the slideshow below were taken by one of the other bridesmaids, Melanie! The slideshow of the wedding photos can be seen at http://www.gbpweddings.blogspot.com/. Dustin and Larry did an incredible job! Kati's parents were wonderful, and her mom spoiled us bridesmaids!

Eric drove the bridal party around, so that was fun! There is a photo of him taking his eyes of the road (gasp) to pose for a pic with me. There are also a couple of him with his yummy Arlene birthday cake. I had her make a bday cake for one of the hockey boys, and we carried it on the plane to bring home! It was the hot topic of the Wichita, Denver, and Phoenix airports. I have attempted this once before, only because Kati's mom brought me one on one of her visits. We are still enjoying it! YUMMY. We had it for Eric, at the wedding, and now in Phoenix. Can you imagine how WONDERFUL it is?!

We started our Kansas excursion in Parsons by visiting Keith and Ragan. I am dumb and didn't take any pictures of their adorable house or children. We had a BLAST with them and miss them so much!

Enjoy the slideshow below!

Vegas Baby!

My childhood bestest friend, Kati, was married this past Saturday, but before her big day, we headed to Las Vegas at the end of August! We chilled by the pool, went dancin', and had manicures. Kati's mom even shipped us amazing bags filled with good stuff. It was a fun weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I had to post this! Pudge and Ellie like sitting in a chair and looking out the bedroom window. Pudge will sit there forever! I had to find him a pillow so that he could lay down to look!

My sister came to Phoenix, and the only picture I have was taken from my phone! It's very sad. We had a blast though... we stayed at Montelucia and were pampered in their spa... we sat by the pool, we swam, we watched movies, went to the D-Backs game... all sorts of fun stuff! It was very sad to tell her goodbye, but I am looking forward to seeing her in KS in October for Kati and Matt's wedding!

Summer, Theresa, Monica, Aunt Dawn, and I just gave Eric's sis, Christina, her baby shower for Liliana Grace, so I will post pictures of that, along with ones from the other baby showers. Good stuff!

Make sure to check out the many blogs we have! I just posted a teaser of the new Flossy Tumbleweed stationery line at http://www.flossystylishdesign.net/!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summertime Excitement

July was an exciting month! My mom and I flew to McPherson to finalize Kati and Matt's wedding plans! It was crazy with one meeting after another! I was able to see Kati and Matt's new home. I love it. It's beautiful and has giant trees and a big yard. Matt had to take Kati's car apart because there was a smelly dead bird stuck in it (see photo below). Kati has to drive on country roads for her job and unfortunately birds are attracted to her car for some reason. It was so nice to see them, but so hard to leave! Good thing I'll see her soon for her bachelorette party in VEGAS! Wohoo!

We also helped my cousin, Hannah, re-decorate her room. My mom planned it out and picked out everything, and it turned out SO CUTE (of course). We were able to celebrate Gracie's birthday and eat yummy Arlene Anderson cake! We took Zach and Gracie to the Salina mall and played glow in the dark mini golf and arcade games!

THEN, Hannah and her brother Tanner flew out to AZ with us! Tanner was hilarious from the beginning. He wanted to ask the security guards in Wichita if they would allow him to bring his "guns" on board while flexing his biceps. Hannah, my mom, and I had fun getting pedicures and going shopping. Tanner had is senior pictures taken by Emily Estfan. We also watched a Diamondbacks game from the TGI Fridays in the park! So fun! Tanner even survived a hike up Camelback Mountain with Eric. Not only did he survive, he beat the other guys up the mountain! We went swimming in our neighborhood pool too! I was extremely sad when they had to go home.

I am going to post pictures from the Summer Baby Showers too, so watch for that! Cort is coming on Saturday! YAY!! Oh, and let's not forget Eric! He went to Canada and Chicago for hockey stuff. He is staying busy of course. Make sure you refer him to anyone who is purchasing a new home. He is the best loan man in the whole world! Pray for his Gma Joyce and her health!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

I love May

We've had a fun May so far! We have been busy with work, and we love it. For Mother's Day, we went with my parents to the brunch at the Farm at South Mountain. It was delicious! It wasn't too hot, and I loved being outside. Eric's parents came over for dinner that night, and it was really nice to just sit and visit (and watch hockey).

For my birthday, we were thinking about going to Disneyland, but we both had so many work distractions that we didn't have time to figure out the details, so I told Eric that I wanted to take the day off and do all of my favorite things. Eric took me to Starbucks in the morning and then to get a massage and manicure. I went to the Jurlique Spa at Firesky Resort. They used PARABEN FREE lotions and products for my manicure. I was really excited. I wish I could go there weekly! My mom picked me up from the spa, and we went to check out the new West Elm and Williams Sonoma Home store. THEN, Eric took me to see Ghost of Girlfriends Past (I love movies). We went to Capital Grille for dinner. It was amazing and delicious. They had a birthday card on my table with little rose petals and birthday confetti.Then KRIS ALLEN WON AMERICAN IDOL. Seriously, it was an amazing day. We watched the show at my parents' house with my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Bob, and we were all very excited. PJ of La Dolce Pesca made a new favorite cake of mine... it is spectacular. It was so cute and was the perfect way to end the day!

We don't have anything planned for Memorial Day. We are taking it easy and going with the flow! We hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Green Thumbs?

Last weekend, my parents came over to help us landscape. I'm not sure I inherited the farming gene from the Walker family, but only time will tell. We planted some pretty roses, hibiscus, bougainvilleas, plants, and an orange tree! Oh, and we planted strawberry plants. I ate one and it was delicious. Small, but good!

Thanks to the 'rents for their hard work. I think my dad injured himself.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

When we were young...

My mom and grandma found some funny pictures while my parents were moving a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would share. I included some of Eric when he was a kid as well! They crack me up.

Happy Birthday Cort! Today is my older sister's birthday! We had pretty sweet hair back then.

My dad and I... I think at one of my birthday parties.

Eric when he was five :)

I guess I always knew I was going to be an Arizona girl.

Eric and Jason looking ornery.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Flossy Giveaway

I'm doing a custom notecard giveaway. Visit http://www.flossystylishdesign.blogspot.com/ for details.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Though I walk through the wilderness, Blessed be your name

It has been a tough week... a busy week... a week of wrestling with the core of who I am and what I believe. I am thankful to have a strong husband who lets me cry and mourns with me over a friend's loss of a child... a friend/business acquaintance he's never met.

I realized that faith isn't as tangible in the good, sunny, beautiful times of life. It's easy to have faith in the good times. I realize that faith and the stuff of the heart shines through in the crappy, sad, dark times. You realize how strong a person's faith is in those crappy times.

I encourage everyone to read the blog of CJ Bergmen. I've never met CJ, but I work with his wife who is a wedding photographer. She took a lot of the photos for my business website. I have always known her to be strong, honest, and full of joy. I considered her a friend after only a few times of working with her. Please read their blog. You have to scroll down to the bottom to hear their entire story. I encourage you to read all of the posts from the past week. This couple is the real deal... the definition of faithful followers of Christ. They experienced the loss of their baby Titus... and used it as a opportunity to encourage others and to share their faith.

I run into people all over who know CJ and Renee in some way. After the memorial service, Eric spoke of how that little baby boy has already had more of an impact and witness for Christ than most of us have had our entire lifetime. I want to have even an ounce of Renee's strength and faith. Please read their story. It's not easy to take in, but it is important. It makes me ask myself how I would respond, how my marriage would respond, and if I'm standing on a rock or in sinking sand. Take time to admire their strength and faithfulness.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Couches for Sale

Call us if you are interested in our couches. We are redesigning my office and moving the couch downstairs, which means we no longer need our chocolate brown couch and love seat. I am kind of sad to let them go, but we must make a change.

We saw them in a home my Aunt Nancy (Feelz Like Home) redesigned, and we went out and bought some for ourselves. They are two years old (in June). Let me know if you are interested!
All of my beautiful friends and family members who currently have a bun in the oven should check out my Flossy Blog. We had a super cute baby shower last weekend at The Boulders in Scottsdale. Also, Jenna's (Eric's cousin) wedding photos are posted on my Flossy website, so feel free to visit the site. The pictures are AMAZING.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Shopping Mama

One of my sister's friends (and a new favorite client of mine) has a really cute and helpful blog called The Shopping Mama. She blogs about really great deals and fun finds. Yesterday, she highlighted some thank-you notes that we designed for her son. She also said some very nice things about Flossy, so check it out! I know it's a blog that you will enjoy visiting often. I know I will!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Christmas Highlights

Eric and I gave Mark and Christyna a puppet show.

The Murrietta/Fankhauser/Armijo kids and spouses gave Vince and Theresa a photo for Christmas. Theresa is trying not to cry.

I love my new hat. I'm also wearing a new robe.

Grandma Joyce opening her present we gave her.

Christyna, Mark, and Monica

Summer opening her Christmas present. I was wearing everything I received.

We love puppies.

Mom and Dad opening the Wii
Eric opening his Olympic Highlights
Cortney and Jason on New Year's Eve
Sisterly Love. My mom, sister, and I all wore off-white the day we opened presents.

Pudge and Ellie were sad the presents were gone.

Frosty, our tree, and our stockings

I know it's kind of late to be posting our pictures from Christmas, but better late than never.
We had a really fun Christmas this year. We were able to celebrate numerous times!