Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another Weekend

Anxiousness sets in for us around this time on Sunday night. Usually it is because work seems so close and freedom seems so far. Mostly it is because we begin the week like we began last week. Nothing much changes, except for what you do with your little moments.

This past weekend we had a nice little dinner gathering with four other friends. It was a lot of fun. Kelsey and I spent the whole day getting ready for the dinner, we worked out, went to the store, laid by the pool (little relaxation), cleaned the house, made the dinner and then just hung out. It was one of those times when you get to just enjoy the company of your friends and fortunately for me a wife that is pretty sweet. It was really fun and the more I am married to Kelsey the more I enjoy entertaining people and entertaining with her. There is something in sharing a meal together and talking about nothing at all.

We then had breakfast this morning, worked a little bit and went and saw the "Incredible Hulk" on a recommendation from my co-worker Laurie. It was good and there were definitely tense parts to the movie. We are looking forward to this week, because though the week brings hard work, it is usually rewarding and more fun than sitting around doing nothing (I don't sit well.) So, we look forward to the last weekend in June and hope that we make headway this week to achieving our goals.

My thought for the week: Life is lived in the little moments. It may be the big moments we crave but it is the little moments we cherish. Live your life purposefully between the events others say will define it and you will have more definining moments.

Summer and Jason

Eric's younger brother, Jason, married my new sister, Summer, in February. It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding! They are living in Washington now, and I miss them so much it hurts! I hope you enjoy these wonderful pictures. I love the portrait of Summer by herself! Gorgeous!

Emily Estfan of EME Photography took their wedding photos, and my mom coordinated! You can see Christa, the videographer in the first shot where I was putting on Summer's cute pink shoes! The wedding was at Troon Country Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Babies

Okay, so all two of our comments demanded pictures of our puppies. Of course, I am happy to oblige. Pudge is the ruby (tan) one and Ellie is the tri-color (black and white) one. They are snuggly and wonderful. Pudge has recently taken a liking to our silk plants, and Ellie has a mohawk that cannot be tamed. Pudge turns his head when you ask him questions. One of the pictures demonstrates this. I think they are pretty special!



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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Kelsey was in our friends' wedding in March, (Sandy coordinated) and it was really nice. Stephanie and Jon had a photobooth at their reception, and it was a HUGE hit. We had some good times, and these are some of my favorite pictures of us.

New Blog!

We wanted to have a blog so that our friends and family could keep up with us more easily! You all might not really be interested in what we're doing, but it gives me something to do at my day job.

Eric is coaching the Polar Bears with the Arizona Hockey Union... he'll post more later. I am crazy with my mom's biz, my invitation business, and at the stock brokerage. I will soon be my own boss... hooray! We enjoy married life, and we love our puppies, Pudge and Ellie. They are hilarious!

We want this to be interactive and fun, so feel free to leave comments. Eventually I want to start a Blog Bible Study where we discuss books online and stuff. Fun times!

That's all for now! Love you all!