Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Concrete Jungle

Eric and I recently took a trip with his parents, Summer, and Landon to New York City!  The reason for the grand vacay was to attend our good pal Jason's wedding in Pennsylvania.  It was our first time to The Big Apple, and I have to say... I ABSOLUTELY love that place.  It was so exciting.  If anyone offers me a fantastic, high-paying job, I would move there in a second.

The wedding was also incredible.  It was nice to be a guest and not working.  The bride, Emily, did an AMAZING job.  There were so many personal touches, and everything was flawless.  Seriously, I was very impressed.  I danced all night!  Eric, the-father-in-law, and I also went to visit Gettysburg.  It was a beautiful day.

Our framily (I made this up for a friend who is also family) Joel was in the wedding and came back with us to New York City.  Emily & Jason also met us back in New York City after the wedding.

We could see the Empire State Building from our room.  AWESOME.  

Eric working at Bryant Park on our last day.  

Summer and I in Central Park on my birthday!

Eric in Toys "R" Us Times Square with a giant Hulk made of Legos.

Summer and I bought matching rain boots.  Seriously a good investment for the rainy day.  Probably not going to be useful here in the desert.

The pretty wedding.

Jason & Emily's 1st dance

We did a bus tour!  I learned a lot of history that I would have never known!

On my 28th birthday, we went to see the Broadway musical "The Newsies" and ate the most delicious dinner EVER while sitting at Warren Buffet's table at Smith and Wollensky's.  Seriously the best steak and macaroni and cheese.  The table was kind of in the kitchen... we had a big glass wall behind us so we could see all of the food coming out.  It was the best birthday- incredible city, amazing food, and I was able to see a MUSICAL.  Magical, I tell you!

Our last night in Times Square.  We missed Eric's brother, Jason, a TON!  Sorry if you've seen all of these on Facebook.  Summer has the good ones on her camera :)

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